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Synonyms for scurry

Synonyms for scurry

to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride

Synonyms for scurry

rushing about hastily in an undignified way

to move about or proceed hurriedly

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As diplomats scurried to keep the meeting on track, aid workers in northeastern Zaire flew more than 1,500 Rwandan refugees home Thursday and reports emerged that troops and tanks from Angola were helping the rebels in their march toward Kinshasa, the capital.
Davis ran from the residence and scurried into the surrounding woods.
Even as Sea World and state divers, doctors and biologists scurried late last week to put out the net that would eventually capture and then free the stranded sea cow, the gentle creature played cat-and-mouse with them, surfacing within mere feet of the workers at least four times in 25 minutes.
Other accounts questioned whether the bullet actually found its mark, but in any event, the animal scurried away in the wake of the gunshot and did not return.
The coyote returned, and as the two scurried around the mower, Hawthorne again sought to hold it at bay with kicks, and with jabs from a large stick he had picked up.
Dalton and 33-year-old accomplice Flenzy Ray Jones then scurried from the scene on foot, but were soon apprehended by police.
When he saw one of the men reach for what he thought was a weapon, he opened fire, then ran outside and scurried, barefoot, to a relative's mobile home several hundred yards away.
Foust's accomplice fired a shot that narrowly missed one of the women, then scurried away so hastily that he left his shoes behind.
Trouw's truck, while the fifth scurried away on foot.