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(botany) a covering that resembles scales or bran that covers some plant parts

a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin

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Scurf or sticky dandruff flakes do not come out in washing or carding.
You couldn't help wondering whether he'd have been better off as a misshapen troll with scurf, nose encrusted with snot, slack-jawed, always drooling.
including tensile and tear strength, brightness, embossing and scurf resistance that would be equal to or better than current yliper stocks.
This constitution is often found to have a scurf ring (dark periphery--see arrow).
This was implemented to avoid uncertainty introduced by the contamination of droppings by feathers, scurf, spelt feed and the activities of microflora in the hindgut (Parsons et al.
I walked up to U Street from Howard, trading the college-student detritus of broken ballpoints and shattered brown bottles of domestic beer for the hipster scurf of cigarette butts.
As a source of human medicines, the leaves and bark of Melanolepis multiglandulosa can be applied to the skin as a sudorific and, among Malays, are used in poultices to cure scurf.
They are also free from the scaley scurf on the skin which many among the other Tribes have, and has a very disgusting appearance.
It's one of those names that conjures up images of crooked yellowing teeth, creased chalks tripe suit, scurf on the shoulders -- and halitosis.
While its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous academic studies and through the recent experience of several years of time-limited, state emergency approvals, Purogene(R) is now fully approved to control the spread of late blight, soft rot, dry rot, silver scurf, ring rot, pink rot, black scurf and other tuber (potato) disease causing microorganisms in potato storage sheds.
Even my wife lost patience after I unleashed an avalanche of scalp scurf all over her party frock.
The Bishop stood in the doorway of his church, lost in thought, looking at the line of black footprints his departing visitor had left in the wet scurf of snow.
The new system can be applied to peeled or unpeeled potatoes and can identify faults such as light green and silver scurf with greater accuracy than is currently possible.
The Democrats' banking and currency policies of the 1830s and 1840s, together with their continuing tolerance toward dissenters from religious orthodoxy, led many Methodists to see them, in William Crane's words, as "the moral dregs, and scurf, and pollution of the land.