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Synonyms for scup

flesh of fish found in colder waters of northern Atlantic coast of the United States

lean flesh of fish found in warm waters of southern Atlantic coast of the United States

porgy of southern Atlantic coastal waters of North America

found in Atlantic coastal waters of North America from South Carolina to Maine

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I wish to sincerely thank all the authors and other contributors to the SCUP journal and our other publications.
Similarly, the number of economically valuable individuals collected in May ranged from 1 scup to 256 Atlantic mackerel; there was a significant difference in the number of individuals collected in May among economically valuable species (H = 10.
The composite codend was designed as a mechanism to reduce large catches of small scup when abundant scup are encountered but was also designed to retain black sea bass and scup when abundance was low.
By taking a holistic view of higher education through the lens of integrated planning, SCUP can further its mission to develop "individual and organizational planning capacities to strengthen and transform institutions of higher education" (Society for College and University Planning, n.
For summer flounder, Atlantic cod, scup, and all species, the delta-lognormal and delta-Poisson models provided time series of abundance indices that were more variable, with slightly different trends and annual changes, than the unstandardized, Poisson, and negative binomial series.
Scup, collected in June 1994 at Cape Cod, Massachusetts (n = 12, length [+ or -] SD = 21.
While we recognize that every institution has a unique culture, our experiences in "walking the talk" of integrated planning at SCUP will create conversations with our members on the opportunities and challenges associated with integrated planning practices.
SCUP leadership has been supportive of these efforts because they are making thousands aware of the need for "smart planning.
To better understand how mechanical power output is influenced by a muscle's ability to relax, we altered the relaxation rate of isolated red muscle bundles from the scup by using cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) to inhibit their SR [Ca.
SCUP acknowledged GCC for allocating resources successfully and linking them to the institution's vision, mission, and academic priorities.
WE LOVE DRAMA SCUp TG4, 10pm THIS show has been so much craic we're starting to wish we worked in their newspaper offices.
based Library Space Planning, during a session at a SCUP regional conference held at Yale in March.
He is a 2007 graduate of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) Institute and has been an instructor for the SCUP Planning Institute since 2009.
But suddenly he is serious for a moment, revealing his regret that Madge and George are not around to see his success today, success which includes his latest TV series, Scup, about a news room, five movies and 30 novels.
The results were released during the 2008 SCUP conference.