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a strong dislike

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So here's some advice for English producers - away an' bile yer heids afore ye get ma guttie up yer bahookey, ye southern scunners.
However, Bob McFarlane, from Hamilton, has surpassed himself with his suggestions: "How about those soul sensations Perth, Wind and Fire, Denny's Midnight Scunners or, from the Borders, The Stone Melroses and Jed Zeppelin (if that's the way you're going Bob, you could have Hawickwind).
ANYONE in Dumfries heard of a tribute band called Goggsie's Midnight Scunners Record reader Ricky Kyle insists they exist And John Tummon from Glasgow swears there's a cabaret singer from Coatbridge with the appropriate name Cilla Blacklisted.
The official attitude fair scunners us - and this is Christmas time.
For example, a search of the 100 million words of the British National Corpus finds no examples of scunner.