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Synonyms for scummy

of the most contemptible kind

covered with scum

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Judge Goldstone told 26-year-old Ballard, who has already served five years for a string of virtually identical burglaries in 2011: "You described them as scummy offences.
Its editorial said that black terrorism will never succeed in its scummy plan to foment sedition among the Kuwaiti people as they have always been united in the face of terrorism.
When everybody from the local paedophile, to the over-friendly construction boss, the scummy journalist and even the police themselves are corrupt, or suspicious, it's Walsh who comes off as the creepiest of all.
I remember I was living in a really scummy apartment of Hollywood with a roommate who worked at Rock 'n' Roll Ralphs on Sunset.
Washington, May 1 ( ANI ): A recent research at Penn State Media Effects Research Laboratory has shown that scummy advertising methods rarely fool mobile users into clicking the ad, instead cause users to treat the website as threat.
Some people would say it's one of the most revered magazines on the planet, so it's weird to have us scummy punks involved in it
My cellphone provider and internet provider are scummy, but they are considerably less scummy than Congress.
Huge caverns have formed beneath mats of grass, much of it covered by a scummy layer of algae that has built up all summer--great places to throw hollow-bodied frogs.
Saul Goodman, played by veteran comedian Bob Odenkirk, acts a scummy legal counsel to Bryan Cranston's morally bankrupt meth lord Walter White.
We found scummy deposits on the streams and the Environment Agency are investigating.
We are fortunate enough to have a reverse osmosis system in our town now but were plagued for years with scummy coffee, and owning a cafe, sure didn't make friends serving a disgusting-looking cup of coffee.
With 23 years down, $150 in the bank and the border in his sights, Segall's outlook is much sweeter than what his scummy sound would have you believe.
I'm not a scummy salesperson pushing all the products I can and then disappearing into the night.
IN A WORLD where mediocrity is more likely to breed apathy than contempt, these "five fucking scummy dudes from Hertfordshire" wholeheartedly reject the notion that the unoriginal and dispassionate should ever be tolerated.
Trying to beat my sister to the punch, I raced across the road and accidentally fell into a scummy canal.