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resembling sculpture

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Bharatanatyam, the traditional dance-form from Tamil Nadu known for its grace, purity, tenderness, and sculpturesque poses will also be seen.
McClellan moved into lighting design, after designing some sculpturesque pieces that incorporated LED.
Odissi dance is characterized by its rounded, fluid movements, as well as sculpturesque poses that resemble the relief sculptures of Indian temples.
The sculpturesque recessive moulding of his palm and his mouth adds to the affinity between the man and the marble bust.
The one is a black and white, solid-looking sculpturesque head of an older man looking out from years of experience.
Ghirlandaio's varied but highly developed graphic style, Cadogan shows, reflects the Verrocchio shop in the Florentine tradition of sculpturesque form, and then Leonardo, but also Ghirlandaio's independent vision.
The sculpturesque shapes that emerged were certainly out of the ordinary.
Bate (1963: 410) notes that, from Hyperion on, Keats's poetry was to become a Janusian convergence of intensity and reserve, masterfully substantifying Keats's sculpturesque ideal, a reason for which this poetry continued to fascinate entire generations of readers from the Victorians and up to the present, Keats's most characteristic marks being "empathic imagery" the "Shakespearean in-feeling," "disinterestedness," the projective mind, the total openness towards reality and temporal evolution, the Negative Capability and the ontological-poetic organicist chameleonic character, the essential and intrinsic use of contrasts and contraries (the latter especially present in the thematic structure of three of the odes, those dedicated to The Nightingale, The Grecian urn and Melancholy).
The two-hour show will introduce artists to the sculpturesque beauty of Odissi, a classical dance form from Orissa in Eastern India and also the rich rhythm and sonorous elegance of Pandit Dinanath Mishra's vocal music.