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Synonyms for sculpture

Synonyms for sculpture

creating figures or designs in three dimensions

create by shaping stone or wood or any other hard material

shape (a material like stone or wood) by whittling away at it


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There was an ocean of sculptures spread out in the hall of SRM University in Chennai.
The Weisbecks were the only artists in the world invited by the government of China to represent New York State in the Beijing, China Olympics Landscape Sculpture Competition.
Opening on July 18, the two exhibitions that make up Caro in Yorkshire can be seen at The Hepworth, Wake-field, and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton.
Created by the artist, Mark Di Suvero, Ik Ook is an abstract expressionist sculpture which was purchased by the National Gallery of Australia in 1979 and has retained its status as a key piece within the National Gallery s permanent collection.
One of the most established is Grizedale Sculpture, in the forest just south of Hawkshead in Cumbria.
For these very reasons, and despite current economic woes, experts say the interest in outdoor sculpture has significantly increased over the past decade, and the trend is continuing.
Chain-saw sculptor Stacy Poitras of Woodland Hills has been working for about three weeks on the sculpture.
Nick Leger and Lewis Kennedy's sculpture "Tankety Tank" was recognized for best use of found materials, and Anne Irwin and Will Wilson's sculpture "Wolly W" was named "Most Humorous.
The sculpture was installed on the Plaza of the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
The placement of crisp, exacting, and accurate architectural models next to more richly figured sculptures sets up curious tensions; tensions that demonstrate profoundly that beyond the iconic silhouette, materiality, texture, solid, void, shadow, luminance, and lustre--to name just a few of the many sensory constituents of a sculpture--are as fundamental to architecture as they are to sculpture.
Between these events they found time to stage a pageant for the Millennium, and to support a host of different societies and projects--including the Conservation Trust (which manages the village's nature reserve), arts and crafts workshops (a spin-off of the Sculpture Trails), a youth club and the Bergh Apton and District Society (which arranges talks and trips).
As a part of the celebration of the seventh centenary of the cathedral of Florence, an International Symposium on the cathedral and its sculpture was convened in June of 1997 at Villa I Tatti.
The artist first studied to be a painter in Paris, France, and Florence, Italy, although she eventually discovered an interest in sculpture after seeing some 18th-century Italian wax figures.
I began a long sculpture unit with my high school students at the American International School in Abu Dhabi.
In 1555, Michelangelo took a hammer and broke his unfinished sculpture of Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, Nicodemus, and the body of Christ into 15 separate pieces.