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resembling sculpture

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At a glance, seamless and sculptural, getting closer to the car reveals an ingenious blend of proportion and space.
I have been enjoying experimenting with the clash of cultures and infusing primitive sculptural techniques with futuristic outcomes ever since.
Mixed with sculptural design objects and green plants, the result is both sophisticated and organic.
These pieces might be deemed sculptural because of their raw materiality and formal eccentricity, but such a conclusion would disregard their underlying architectural qualities.
Newby, however discusses both De Staebler's sculptural accomplishments and spiritual universalities in a gracious manner that is a tribute to the artist.
Her work focuses on creating high quality and ambitious sculptural and site-specific work.
The sculptural complex consists of a plaza featuring a bronze statue of Che Guevara on top of a 16-meter-high pedestal by Cuban sculptor Jose Darra.
Is he implying that they, in their own sculptural way, would also improve the view?
Glass Magazine is the official magazine of the National Glass Association, and The Crystal Achievement Award noted Sculptural Glass Doors' significant innovation and architectural technology in using compartmentalized hollows within their patented glass for insulation.
There is also the work of Eryka Isaak who uses other items including copper and aluminium to create attractive hangings and sculptural pieces.
This show is the first American museum exhibition on Matisse's sculptural works in 20 years and features more than 130 sculptures, paintings and works on paper.
Two dancers from Dance Theatre of Harlem performed an excerpt from Doina, an exquisitely sculptural duet by Royston Maldoom.
The tower's design features a sculptural composition of forms sheathed in combinations of sheer glass curtainwall and unique "silk-glass" spandrel panels.
Working with basic building blocks--cubic forms, pitched roofs, vertical walls and orthogonal apertures--he produces compositions and spatial sequences that have a remarkable and surprising sculptural range, and this pair of conjoined houses is no exception.
The essays in this collection consider the tensions and generative contradictions underlying the relationship between the literary and tile sculptural arts during the move away from classicism in early nineteenth-century France.