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any of numerous spiny large-headed usually scaleless scorpaenoid fishes with broad mouths

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Differences in assemblages between pregear and gear-present phases were illustrated by significant vector loadings associated with flatfish, hermit crab, sculpin, sea star, and true crab (Brachyura).
The largest fish were Arctic staghorn sculpin, Gymnocantheus tricuspis, with an estimated mean length of 17.
Besides lake whitefish, preyfish species such as alewife, sculpin, and bloater have also been impacted.
Here we report on a banded sculpin collected from a cave in southern Franklin County, Tennessee, with a SL of 165 mm and a TL of 196 mm.
Jude of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and John Janssen of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee observed mottled sculpins in Calumet Harbor on southern Lake Michigan.
Besides those species, the sites did not differ with respect to either the presence of potential prey species or relative abundance by genus, with the exception of significantly more sculpins (family Cottidae) at site 1 than site 2 (Mann-Whitney U=18.
Behavioral interactions between round gobies (Neogobius melanostomus) and mottled sculpins (Cottus bairdi).
Also on display are some of the octopus's neighbors including Pacific Spiny Lumpsuckers, Sculpins and Dungeness crabs.
Other species that may prey on juvenile and adult shrimp include eelpouts, english sole, sand sole, pricklebacks, giant wrymouths, staghorn sculpins, great sculpins, red rock crabs, and graceful crabs.
At the time, state Department of Fish & Wildlife researchers using an unmanned submersible photographed the sea floor and found dead worms and sculpins in areas normally rife with living creatures.
Death of cavefish and cave sculpins has been attributed to acute pollution, and populations have been extirpated from entire cave systems due to chronic pollution (Quinlin 1983; Burr et al.
coccogenis), blacknose dace (Rhinichthys atratulus), a northern hogsucker (Hypentelium nigricans), banded sculpins (Cottus carolinae), snubnose darters (Etheostoma simoterum), and a speckled darter (E.
In order to estimate phylogenetic relationships between populations of Missouri sculpins (C.