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Synonyms for sculpt

Synonyms for sculpt

create by shaping stone or wood or any other hard material

shape (a material like stone or wood) by whittling away at it

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The mouth-watering artwork was sculped at the airport's family diner, the Flying Hippo, in the shape of the restaurant's friendly mascot, Hamilton Hippo.
The hatchback's cracking good looks starts with the bold "shark fin" door pillar and floating roof and continues to its sculped front end complete with LED daylight running light signatures.
The new Cabrio stays faithful to the hatchback's already cracking good looks and retains its older sibling's bold styling from the "shark fin" door pillar to its sculped front end complete with LED light signatures.
In A Dialogue between Andrew Trueman and Thomas Zealot, the latter complacently confirmed that "we shot six and a wee ane, that was in the Squaw's Belly; we sculped three; we tomhawked three; we roasted three and a wee ane; and three and a wee ane we gave to the Hogs.
The hatchback's cracking good looks start with the bold "shark fin" B-pillar and floating roof and continue to its sculped front end, complete with signature LED daytime running lights.