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Synonyms for scrutinize


Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at carefully or critically

to look at or on attentively or carefully

Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail

examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification

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also scrutinizes Elliot's lasting influence on American fiction to the modern day, and particularly contemplates modern American adaptions of her work.
The Power To Persuade scrutinizes how a nation could go from neutrality to active participation in the war against the Axis in two short years, drawing on a wealth of compiled data presented in various charts.
It scrutinizes unpublished cases of annulments due to impotency in a northern Spanish church court between 1650 and 1750, in the diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada.
scrutinizes facts in over 108 documents that have never before been seen by the public, and which are used to build the case for the conclusions and the scandal concerning FDNY radios.
Consisting of essays by nine experts in taxation, economics, and public policy, and law, Tax Justice: The Ongoing Debate assesses recent reform proposals, scrutinizes measures of inequality, demystifies the flat tax, examines the role of property taxes in local finance, addresses equity concerns, evaluates tax justice in the states, and provides useful case studies.
By standardizing and formalizing a design flow that continuously scrutinizes every aspect of the design, we are ensuring zero defects, minimal rework and therefore cost-effective, first-time-right designs for our customers," said Mr.