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Synonyms for scrutinize


Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at carefully or critically

to look at or on attentively or carefully

Synonyms for scrutinize

to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail

examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification

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Women's bodies are under constant scrutinization by our culture, rendering them accommodating and obedient to patriarchy through the self-surveillance that results from this constant monitoring (Bartky, 1997).
Some additional pieces of equipment might go under RCM2 scrutinization in the near future.
For reasons that will be explained further below the population under scrutinization consists of 21 issues.
Great attention to individual breed standards and individual sheep in at least two levels of scrutinization will insure that only quality animals will be given full and permanent registration in this registry.
In the partnership context, the intangible tax analysis requires scrutinization of the management participation of Florida residents.
The committee's action last week was the latest scrutinization of ephedra since April 10, when the FDA issued a consumer warning after a Long Island college junior collapsed and died several hours after downing eight tablets of the herbal stimulant Ultimate Xphoria.
The activities includes scrutinization, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, merchant banking, money markets, etc.
From the standpoint of past and current judicial scrutinization of educational programs, however, disproportionate placement, particularly disproportionate placement along racial lines, may be viewed as much more than merely a symptom.
In all provinces, the JVCs have commenced the work on verification and scrutinization of suspect CNIC cases.
After careful scrutinization of various parameters, he should buy an office space.
These issues have clear implications for any future scrutinization by the Court of human cloning.
Investigation and scrutinization of Sigma's credentials, they have awarded Sigma Test & Research centre the best "Laboratory Of The Year.