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a careful examiner


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I like to see myself as a scrutiniser of the Scottish Parliament in relation to the impact its policies have on retail.
Mr Hodge said: 'The NAO is the UK's most important scrutiniser of public sector spending, examining how well taxpayers' money is used and contributing to the improvement of public services.
Last night Dr Jones, who shares the award with Conservative Buckingham MP Mr John Bercow, said she never "harassed" her party but took her role as a scrutiniser of the Government seriously.
Although it is an old figure that does not actually indicate the state of our economy today, it is one of the main tools that we have available to us as scrutinisers and as policy makers to analyse the state of our economy.
I can assure you this is no hoax, either," Hannah told Will, and within days, Will tried out the high-speed camera for himself, and managed to capture the image of one of the baffling scrutinisers gazing into a woman's face outside Greenwood's on Church Street.
Why on earth the airline scrutinisers ever allowed the container-size accompaniment on board in the first place is the key question, because clearly the sweated brow and the stained armpits of the carrier indicated that said baggage had earlier been born by an elephant or a pick-up truck
Among the press are journalists: the growling watchdogs, polemical commentators, wordsmith agitators, exposing investigators, and meticulous scrutinisers.
Trailer-Lift can also be used by race scrutinisers http://www.
Able scrutinisers they have indeed become and their comments therefore hold legitimacy in teaching and learning scholarship (Handal, 2003).