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Synonyms for scrutinise

to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail

examine carefully for accuracy with the intent of verification

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Melfyn said: "It was an honour to be selected as a person to scrutinise new ideas in the industry.
Nomination papers of Javed Yousaf, Mohammad Husnain, Jamil Asghar, Mohammad Munsif Malik, Mohammad Yaqoob Shaikh, Khalid Naik, Saifullah, Mohammad Khurram, Laiq-ur-Rehman, Mohammad Zubair Khan Niazi, Sardar Hur Bukhari, Nasir Saleem, Zikrullah Mujahid, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, Rana Zahid Hussain, Mohammad Ajasim Sharif, Mohammad Nawaz, Mohammad Waseem, Mohammad Hadi Shah, Zia-ud-Din Ansari, Pervaiz Akhtar, Qaiser Mahmood, Sumera Ali, Ameer Bahadur Khan, Mian Aziz-ur-Rehman Chan, Sarfaraz, Ysir Islam Shaikh, Liaqat Abbas and Ruhi Bano Khokhar will be scrutinise on Wednesday, while papers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz's candidate Kulsoom Nawaz, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's candidate Yasmin Rashid, Andleeb Abbas, Zubair Qadir, Faisal Mir and Mohammad Nauman will be checked on Thursday.
Commercial banks in Ireland are to scrutinise politicians for their terror links.
Set up in 2011 the committee, made up of AMs, scrutinises health minister Mark Drakeford, key health bodies, and holds the Welsh Government to account for policy and spending.
According to the sources, the PPP has also formed a committee headed by PPP President City Amir Fareed Piracha tasking him to scrutinise the credentials of the candidates before announcing their names.
AWELSH MP has launched a bid to give parliament the power to scrutinise and amend international trade deals as negotiators work on a multi-billion-pound agreement to tear down barriers between the markets of the United States and the European Union.
A FINAL appeal for volunteers to scrutinise investigations into rape and sexual assaults has been made.
They argue that because the Assembly has no second chamber, equivalent to the House of Lords, it''s necessary to go on using the Westminster Parliament to scrutinise Welsh legislation before it becomes law.
Mr Wilson told Stormont's finance committee: "If this assembly is to work properly and committees are to scrutinise properly then they must have the information to scrutinise and to look at.
Last week Gordon Brown did a speech in which he intended to continually pander to the middle classes, and now we have Mandelson stating that he will scrutinise any takeover of Cadbury.
Abu Dhabi: A lawmaker on Tuesday called for establishment of independent judicial inspection authority to scrutinise performance of judges and the prosecution and troubleshooting of any failures.
Writing in Viewpoints, Councillor Gasson revealed that her committee was already planning how to scrutinise the proposals.
A DEMAND for the National Assembly to gain a second chamber to scrutinise Welsh laws has been lodged with the UK parliament.
The work of parliamentary committee should operate under written rules and procedures which respect both the need to scrutinise the ECP as well as its independence.
Mr Stratford had no involvement in agreeing the deal with the former airport boss and did not have the opportunity to scrutinise that deal.