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Synonyms for scrupulousness

Synonyms for scrupulousness

conformity to high standards of ethics or excellence

strict attention to minute details

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From one paragraph to the next, I spoke of a display of humble scrupulousness in McKegney's article, vigilant conscientiousness performed strenuously and effectively in the other articles in the set, a tone of ethical righteousness in Kuttainen's "urgent" inquiry, and a strenuously energetic and insightful critical practice in Kerber's.
The full title of the book is Kitab al-Makasib wa'l-Wara' wa'l-Shubha wa Bayan Mubahiha wa'l-Mahzuriha wa Ikhtilaf al-Nas fi Talabiha wa'l-Radd 'ala 'l-Ghalitina fihi, or "The Book of Livelihoods: Scrupulousness and Dubiousness; Clarifying Permissible and Impermissible Livelihoods, and People's Diverse Ways in Seeking Them; and Refuting Those Who Err in the Course of It.
There are many practices that escape the EU's scrupulousness," points out Hilbrand: encouragement to invest in research and development (especially in France), special schemes for intellectual property, deductibility of notional interest, transfer pricing, tonnage tax in maritime transport, box system introduced recently in the UK, etc.
Reading this book may not be easy, but the effort is compensated by the accurateness and scrupulousness of its description.
He assesses the considerable theoretical insights of his subject with an admirable scrupulousness and the comradely eye of a contemporary.
Mobile bottlers stress scrupulousness in sanitation and recommend different techniques to achieve a squeaky-clean environment.
If this unintentionally slapstick breakdown was the exception that proved the rule of Erlich's characteristic scrupulousness, it also demonstrated how extraordinarily fragile the spell cast by his simulations is and confirmed how little else they actually have recourse to when their typical showstopping mimesis falls short.
Unlike the shopkeeper, who knows he has to maintain certain standards of courtesy and scrupulousness to curry favour with his local clientele, the taxi driver has no such concerns.
The scrupulousness of his approach equates looking/ consuming with the ethical.
For Israel's army to be vindicated through its own honorable scrupulousness is quite a thing.
your art consists in leaving the road of meaning open and as if undecided--out of scrupulousness.
As the Puritans saw it, "Society was an organism functioning for the good of all its members," and as such, anyone whose private work "bore broadly on the welfare of others were called upon to exert a scrupulousness in their transactions commensurate with the temptation to sin.
This scrupulousness is exhibited in a particularly astute account of surplus-value that follows the concept through the complex development it undergoes at the hands of Lacan in his seventeenth seminar, The Other Side of Psychoanalysis.
The vacuity and tendentiousness of so much legal reasoning are concealed by the awesome scrupulousness with which a set of intricate rules governing the form of citations is observed.
Zsolnai (2002) examined the influence of different components of social competence on learning motivation and academic achievement focusing dynamism, dominance, cooperativeness, politeness, scrupulousness, perseverance, emotional control, impulse control, openness, external-internal control attitude and attachments in 6th and 10th grade students.