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Synonyms for scrunch

Synonyms for scrunch

to incline the body

Synonyms for scrunch

a crunching noise

Related Words

make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants

sit on one's heels

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In order to make the scrunch bottom beautiful as an art work, a super advanced technology called folding technology is used to make sure that stitches are invisible.
It is at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield on June 3 and features a white paper world in which three friends, Rip, Fold and Scrunch, learn all about friendship and how to play.
Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh says that peering at a small screen causes your face to scrunch up, creating an area of tension around and between the brows, reports the Daily Mail.
If hair starts straightenin' by noon, mist with water and scrunch to reactivate.
Nothing rejuvenates the look of curls quicker than a spritz and a scrunch using Matte Sea Spray provides long-lasting volume, definition, and texture in a mess-up or tousled style.
So we all sat for what felt like a long time, on pause, occupying space, self-reflexive and aware of our own choices to speak or to stay quiet, to stretch out or to scrunch up.
Can you lift your knees to run in place, scrunch up your nose, and wrinkle your face?
They may, for example, scrunch up where other leaves of the same species lie flat.
Pink/camel check tweed skirt, pounds 30; pink jumper with dog pattern, pounds 25; pink scrunch court shoes, pounds 65, all from Top Shop.
And not only would I turn my nose up at those who would deign scrunch their snouts in response to our counter's undeniable aroma, I would all but hiss at those who dared balk at our prices.
I was so impressed by the care given and grateful for the result and yet when it comes to being a grown-up on this issue and acting responsibly, like a lot of folk, I want to scrunch up my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears.
It took RIDI 3 months to produce the perfect scrunch bottom.
Children are invited to rip, fold and scrunch their own creations after the Sunday performance at Warwick Arts Centre.
Heat an ovenproof frying pan, then scrunch filo pastry into it to form a pastry base.