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(rugby) the method of beginning play in which the forwards of each team crouch side by side with locked arms

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The first salvo was fired on Thursday by Wales forwards coach Robin McBryde who declared that "Marler definitely needs to scrummage legally, otherwise we will be pointing a finger".
And if Marler is forced to scrummage straight I think Samson Lee will come out on top.
Asked whether Wales would raise the issue of Marler's scrummaging with referee Craig Joubert, McBryde said: "Well, yeah, he definitely needs to scrummage legally, otherwise we will be pointing a finger.
Despite struggling to scrummage, Hayman has been a vigorous participant in training in both weeks, Falcons rugby director Bates revealing packing down has caused the skipper some problems.
Despite Newbury's delaying tactics, Moseley finally made their numerical advantage tell following a series of scrummages close to Newbury's try-line.
Ruddock though, wants match referee Steve Walsh of New Zealand to ensure White scrummages correctly.
All we will ask is that the referee makes sure he scrummages straight and doesn't go across and into the hooker.
By Andrew Baldock ENGLAND can expect Wales to be "pointing a finger" if their loosehead prop Joe Marler scrummages illegally during Saturday's RBS 6 Nations showdown at Twickenham.
London Welsh have got a good squad but I do not think they have one of the strongest scrummages in the league.
The traumatized nerve issue causes tension in the hamstring when he scrummages and the reaction to that has kept him out.
WHAT happened to him when Adam Jones came on, the Lions pack were going forward then in the scrummages.
Instead, Vickery and fellow prop Andrew Sheridan were frustrated by Australian spoiling tactics which saw scrums persistently collapse, England giving away a string of penalties and even suffering the indignity of being pushed off one of their own scrummages.
The new scrums really suit Samson, his shape, the way he scrummages he can hopefully use to his advantage.
Newbury soon found themselves on the defensive following a series of close-to the-line scrummages.