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Scruffy was simplistic--bird running on the ground, cripple.
The bus service that was established in its place cannot be recommended; this is a standard cross-city bus, with a lot of scruffy characters, and well-dressed tourists headed to Commander's Palace will feel as if a spotlight is trained upon them.
We at NoScruf have a message for scruffy guys out there who want to get close to us: 'In your dreams, stubble-boy
This means being up and ready for school, awake and alert, not tired and lethargic from last night's television, computer or entertainment' being properly nourished and dressed, not scruffy or hitting the sweet shop en route to school for a substitute breakfast' being prompt and enthusiastic both at the start, and throughout, the school day, not late or dilatory' being ready to learn - if to confront, to do so with debate and discipline, not ignorance and apathy.
EMMIE, Worcester A MANY women who've risked wrath by consigning their scruffy Englishmen's worn-out favourites to the bin will wonder what on Earth you're complaining about, Emmie
Because of his scruffy appearance, when he was struck by a tram car in Barcelona in 1926, he was taken to a hospital for the poor and indigent.
Might a demographic sample broader than these three scruffy twentysomething white guys make "Private Conversations with Public Statuary" richer, given that the indeterminate commentary on performed and monumentalized masculinity possibly emerging from the piece is likely a mirage?
A man with a scruffy beard robbed a Eugene bank Friday and may have ridden off on a bicycle.
Watch out for the scruffy old dirty guys with the wide boards and the big wheels.
With its Pinocchio-like snout, scruffy white whiskers, and Arrest-Me Red lips, this rosy-lipped batfish couldn't look more bizarre.
On Day 1 she visited the establishments dolled up and smart, but on Day 2 she returned looking scruffy and street-wise.
Why there must be dozens of budget-minded, scruffy filmmaker types traveling with the gray dog.
He describes how police in "North Zulch, Texas" arrest a scruffy biker and destroy a cigarette-pack-sized device which turns out to be the node for a bulletin board with 15,000 users, some of whom are wealthy moguls.
And unknown to them, a scruffy, paunchy man in a trench coat is tracking their every move.
Scruffy, a stray mongrel found wandering the streets, went into the cell on Tuesday, September 18, 1956.