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Now we're leaving that sleek, idealized, conflict-free yupsterland and doing the Casblanca thing, smarter, scruffier, older, and a little wearier (not that there's anything wrong with that -- at least to the extent that a cup of coffee couldn't fix it).
Had it been widely known that he and his wives were of lowly birth, they might not have been accepted in polite circles or even in the scruffier world of the theater.
Get ready for scruffier streets, with road cleaning reduced and householders charged for bulky waste collections.
Basically, he was impressed that I was even scruffier than he was.
Smart modes of dress were replaced by scruffier clothes.
Later on they take a much graffitied and broken-glassed underpass below the motorway and find themselves in a scruffier part of town.
Chances are there won't be a scruffier goal in the Champions League this season but it was priceless to Lennon's boys and no one really cared.
She told the scruffier women to observe the dress of those women members who "always look smart in formal situations - I think we all know who they are".
They really do wear scruffier and less expensive shoes, said the research.
In the five years since I moved to Huddersfield I've noticed the area within the ring road become noticeably scruffier and quieter.
At the final whistle, it got even scruffier with red cards for Hassell and Blues substitute Neil Danns, with the prospect of more punishments to follow.
We always welcome new people, the more the merrier, the scruffier your clothes, the better
Director Steven Soderbergh, who oscillates between high-gloss entertainments like ``Erin Brockovich'' and ``Ocean's Eleven'' and scruffier, artsier works (``Full Frontal,'' ``sex, lies, and videotape''), shot this one for what looks like pocket change with an all-amateur cast.
The Casa itself sits on a rather bleak new public plaza (distinct shades of Alphaville), that attempts to mediate between the different scales of the surroundings, from rather grand nineteenth-century wedding cake blocks to the smaller, scruffier backstreets.