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an uncultivated region covered with scrub vegetation

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The area as the Magic playground who were often act After failing to return home, an all-night search was mounted across the area and Helen's devastated father Leslie was with the group which discovered his daughter's body on scrubland.
The object of the contract is to study the capacity of the entire road network and related this territory inhabited scrubland networks, their ability to withstand a densification taking into account natural risks, zoning changes resulting and the financial estimates of the induced jobs.
Pictures sent in by an ECHO reader show one fire engine and a blaze engulfing an area of scrubland.
austroccidua (Trager) greenhouse honey trap Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille) * ornamental honey trap Myrmicinae Lepeletier Attini Smith Atta mexicana (Smith) ** scrubland direct collection Crematogastrini Forel Crematogaster aff.
So as the search continues on scrubland, in sewers and down dark, narrow shafts please ignore the haters and think instead of two desperate parents hundreds of miles away sitting by the phone and hoping against hope that nothing is found this time.
A team with forensic experts and sniffer dogs is today due to wrap up their six-day search on scrubland in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
FORENSICS o"cers have begun probing an area of previously hidden ground during the search of scrubland close to where Madeleine McCann was last seen in Portugal seven years ago.
The search for Madeline McCann has taken a new twist this week as search dogs were sent out along with police officers to scour a patch of scrubland in the Algarve region in Portugal.
The large area of scrubland in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, where three-yearold Madeleine disappeared in May 2007, has been cordoned off and local police officers with dogs have been stationed at the site.
Seasonal flooding of these rivers creates the humid scrubland habitat that O.
The slithery stowaway was believed to have crawled onto the plane from scrubland or the mangroves that surround Cairns airport.
After two or three minutes he appeared against the cloudless blue sky before steering himself to safety, landing on a patch of New Mexico scrubland, just nine minutes after jumping.
4) Dry scrubland, which has some plants that also occur in the rocky outcrop habitat, but which is dominated by Coccoloba acrostichoides (Poligonaceae) and Aulonemia effusa (Poaceae) in sandy soil with substantial gravel in some hilltop areas.