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Synonyms for scrounge



Synonyms for scrounge

collect or look around for (food)

obtain or seek to obtain by cadging or wheedling

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He told the court Crosby went back to the street where Miss Wilson lived and tried to scrounge money from neighbours by saying she had suffered a heart attack and he needed to see her in hospital.
The poor throngs on the city's streets must make do with whatever they can scrounge.
Get trained, she said, the opportunities would flow, leaving the untrained by the wayside to scrounge on the dole.
Over the course of a single day, these doomed souls scrounge and steal to feed their habits.
It's the only hybrid that looks like a regular car,'' said Wohlfarth, who plans to scrounge up gas money moonlighting as a baby-sitter.
When you scrounge the cost is not "zero," you have put yourself into it, not just your money.
When Epper and a friend visit a plastic surgeon for a liposuction consultation, it's positively heartbreaking to watch a woman - a true legend in the business - being forced to contemplate an invasive procedure simply to be able to scrounge up an odd job here and there.
I agree with IJ of Cramlington about people who scrounge off the state while their partners are working.
Virgin boss Richard Branson may be one of the richest men in Britain - but he had to scrounge money from his wife at a charity ball.
Since our budget is limited, it was necessary to snoop and scrounge for building materials.
Hours later, Hahn - fearing for his political life and mindful that he's done little to expand the LAPD in four years - announced that he can scrounge up the dough for 92 more cops from the city's general fund.