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Synonyms for scrimp

Synonyms for scrimp

to be severely sparing in order to economize

Synonyms for scrimp

subsist on a meager allowance


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But SCRIMP is just one of the latest technological innovations this manufacturer has used to maintain its industry lead.
We've had a scrimp and save on food and clothing - it has been a struggle for us.
TPI uses proprietary SCRIMP technology licensed by SCRIMP Systems, L.
Make sure you and your partner are in agreement - no locking of horns SCRIMP Antler table lamp PS19.
Gold mirrors are rich and opulent so, go on, give your home the Midas touch SCRIMP Swirl framed gold mirror PS99.
The typical household will be PS1,615 a year worse off by 2016 and town halls will have to scrimp on services such as elderly care to plug the gap, experts warn.
Despite being around six months pregnant, the superstar has refused to scrimp on her trademark style and was papped earlier this week sporting a sky-high pair of leopard print Louboutin boots.
Pop the kettle on and make a huge style statement with each of these modern brushed steel designer kettles: SCRIMP Philips HD4671/60 Kettle, pounds 34.
You can pull your old, dusty PCs out of the closet and redeploy them in a thin-client network," explains Chris Rother, CDW-G vice president for education, state and local sales, "but don't scrimp on the servers.
Acrylic chairs are a great modern addition to any minimalist dining space Acrylic chairs are a great modern addition to any minimalist dining space SCRIMP Victoria clear acrylic dining chair PS79.
SCRIMP SCRIMP David Hunt ANT0329 antler 3-light rustic-coloured pendant PS178.
Yup, put the fun into funky and bring some humour into your home SCRIMP Retro cushion - Haynes VW Transporter PS13.
Aldi), which costs nearly a third of the price of the market leader but certainly doesn't scrimp on taste.
A report by Direct Holidays found that as people have less money they are willing to scrimp and save to get a break.
They decide to buy a lottery ticket and the story shifts into parallel universes: in the first, the family doesn't win and continues to scrimp and scrounge; while in an alternate universe, the clan strikes it rich and wins pounds 50m, to the delight of Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Charity (Emma Atkins).