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Synonyms for screwy

Synonyms for screwy

not behaving normally


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He said screwy fence posts can still be found in the West, but they are gradually disappearing--and with them, a fence without post holes.
In come the "building blocks" of some screwy thing, which are: cash flows generated; discounted value of money; a risk adjustment; and Madonna's bust measurement, or something like that.
Since these calls technically originate from the US with my VPN, the rates can get a little screwy.
Adjusting on the fly to the screwy evidentiary ruling that turns your case upside down.
This is a good idea for California, but it's a screwy idea for here.
It's been a depressing everyday presence since the screwy redesign that also promised to eliminate section jumps -- only to replace them with inside stories that than jump farther inside.
Everything that can go wrong goes completely screwy.
Israelsen believes Obecalp will become the poster child of how screwy the dietary supplement industry can become.
With names like Screwy and Melon Head, the toys are used in a number of games, the main one of which resembles traditional marbles.
Then loosen the lug nuts (little screwy things holding the wheel on).
Twisted logic inspires screwy decisions and sends mixed messages.
In the August 07 issue, my article on adjusting the new Remington X-Mark trigger for the Model 700 went screwy.
Tying itself in philosophical knots with each narrative twist, the screwy logic implodes during the spectacular, frenetic finale in which Cris projects multiple versions of himself into simultaneous futures.
Based on Philip K Dick's short story The Golden Man, Next ties itself in philosophical knots - the screwy logic implodes in the spectacular, frenetic finale, in which Cris projects multiple versions of himself into simultaneous futures.
The Pitch: An idealistic young lawyer, Nick George (Peter Krause), falls into a high-salaried trap representing the notorious, high-maintenance, morally screwy Darling family--who may or may not have been involved in his fathers mysterious death.