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Synonyms for screwup

a clumsy person

a ruinous state of disorder

Words related to screwup

the complete mismanagement or mishandling of a situation

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Yet no government screwup is so colossal that it can't be used to justify yet more government.
The emotional charge of the Doctor's righteous shame and fury at his screwup son was better suited to Medea's response to Jason's want of gratitude, Orestes' to Clytemnestra's murderous treachery.
But Olympic personnel had every opportunity to catch the screwup prior to the pipeline rupture and the spilling of gasoline, which correctly functioning relief values would have minimized.
I suppose it was because Lamping was the focus of the discussion that I managed to make such a significant screwup.
One screwup and handstands for the rest of the year failed to redeem you.
But the smallest screwup, and it hangs over your head for the rest of your career.
A screwup with our airline tickets kept Judy and me from sitting with each other, but I figured that was a sign that I should work on the speech I promised Paul.
Naske and Herman Slotnick, the road melted with the spring thaw of 1969, eroding the underlying permafrost and causing the biggest screwup in the history of mankind in the Arctic.
Somehow, an apparent screwup on the part of Christie's Auction House resulted in the sign being sold for only [pounds sterling]7500 which equals $10,000 American Dollars.
In 2009, the White House forced the resignation of Louis Caldera, the director of the White House Military Office, after a screwup over an Air Force One publicity flight over New York.
SEVEN months before the Euro 2012 campaign and we've had our first screwup.
Considering some of the gems we still employ, including some we elected, the mind boggles at how big a screwup the one guy who actually got fired must have been.
This is not the result of a strategic screwup by traditional media, unless you consider failing to invent Google a strategic screwup.
Stars: Will Smith, Charlize Theron Premise: Forget superhero; the drunken screwup at the center of this action comedy is a superzero.
It's beyond ironic that Thompson jumped ship on the 20th anniversary of Union Carbide's screwup in Bhopal, India, that killed at least 10,000 innocent sleeping civilians.