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Synonyms for screwball

Synonyms for screwball

a whimsically eccentric person

a pitch with reverse spin that curves toward the side of the plate from which it was thrown

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The 39 Steps" also loosely represents a template for a sometimes screwball comedy-like "North by Northwest," with the genre's favorite leading man, Cary Grant.
The screwball is the pitcher's equalizer against the platoon advantage, because a left-hander's screwball breaks away from right-handed batters.
Blaisdell's Carl Hubbell: Biography of the Screwball King is a solid piece of scholarship given the paucity of personal material and the narrative limitations of box scores and recaps.
He didn't mind throwing a few blazing fastballs to his catcher and then let Hubbell throw his famous pitch--the screwball.
At least that was my impression when I first saw the writer-director's frenetic, candy-colored, irresistible screwball farce Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown nearly 20 years age.
Granted, that doesn't sound very funny, but Maria Maggenti's "Puccini for Beginners" is a mostly agreeable comedy of the screwball sort, enlivened by some good acting, smart dialogue and an impassioned desire to stretch viewers' notions of lesbian love beyond what they see on "Desperate Housewives.
This is basically a funny story, in a screwball comedy kind of way.
This one's a bit of a screwball that's hard to peg, and I am not entirely sure whoever did it isn't joking in quite a few places, especially the introduction and captions where he writes of being emo, emotion, and photographs evoking emotion.
In its careful calibration of strange-bedfellow elements and its vacillation between screwball comedy and the sublime, the exhibition evinces a sensibility that resonates across contemporary sculptural practices yet remains wholly singular--which is to say that the term Stockholderian, while an attractive candidate for a broadly applicable descriptor, still denotes an aesthetic that belongs to the artist alone.
Twentieth Century is a loopy, screwball comedy audiobook on CD.
Screwball comedy also re-imagined the terms of marriage and romance.
Another traditional book musical with Broadway aspirations is Palm Beach-The Screwball Musical, which completed a run this summer at La Jolla Playhouse.
CAUGHT IN THE ACT is a zany surprisingly sophisticated screwball comedy reminiscent of the 1930s Hepburn movies.
Although there is little agreement in romantic comedy and screwball comedy studies, both as to the definition of screwball comedy and as to which films are screwball comedies, there are certain issues that recur in the writings in the field.
The Coen brothers' new movie recalls a federal agency with a screwball story of its own.