screw thread

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the raised helical rib going around a screw


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For an explanation of what those numbers mean see the sidebar in this article on screw threads.
For five years in the late '50s and early '60s, I was on the screw thread subcommittee for the unified miniature thread series.
Hanger bolts feature large screw threads on one end and bolt threads on the other.
Separate statistical tests were made for the effects of screw shank diameter, screw thread pitch, screw thread design, and fastener type (screw, screw + PVC anchor, or dowel) on edge screw withdrawal resistance (SWR), bending moment resistance of corner joints, and lateral edge load of butt-jointed shelf units.
The continuous thread finishes, 33-400, 38-400 and 45-400, will accept either a standard screw thread or a child resistant closure, while the 33 mm, 38 mm and 45 mm tamper evident finishes will accommodate a snap-on style closure.
Structural scraper/wiper system -- Scraper/wipers, assembled in each end of the ball nut, can also be designed to react structural loads and work as an Acme-type male thread if engaged with the screw thread.
Maintenance-free system eliminates screw thread, ball bearing, and other debris-entrapping orifices.
10,11) However, there are no studies that indicate whether a particular screw diameter or screw thread type provides a more stable construct.
Snap, plug, ring, screw thread plug, and thread ring gauges are the topics in Course 3, "Fixed Gauges.
The screw thread is not, he explains, a spiral but a helix, "a three-dimensional curve that twists around a cylinder at a constant inclined angle.
Tenders are invited for Trigger type int micrometer and external screw thread micrometer
While designing the power screw and nut set for the intelligent ankle module, Precision Screw Thread Corp.
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