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a guard at an airport who checks passengers or their luggage at a security checkpoint

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automating analysis across assays such as routine selectivity determination; enabling direct access to high content screening images next to all experimental data and analysis results; single sign-on for quick and easy access to all Screener modules; and customizable reports that include all calculations and visualizations.
The VeroVision Mail Screener is a non-contact imaging device, intended to detect concealed narcotics that are sent through the mail to inmates.
Unlike conventional screeners using band-clamp arrangements, these can be more difficult to dismantle and often require tools.
The former screener states that there are a few "delusional zealots who believe they're keeping America safe by taking your snow globe, your 2-inch pocket knife, your 4-ounce bottle of shampoo and performing invasive pat-downs on your kids.
New screeners begin training with simple challenges, and as they learn the bar is raised ever higher, until they are able to spot exotic compounds and improvised explosives, and well-concealed devices.
Awards consultants say each screener costs about $15-$20.
All three screeners are available now on the Healthy NY website at www.
Airport security screeners face the same quirk of human perception, but for them it's a deadly game of spotting threats amid the clutter on checkpoint video monitors.
The benefits of using vibratory Compact Screeners were so significant at a major paint and coatings applicator in the auto industry that management decided not to go on record.
The screener is intended for scalping, de-dusting and dewatering of contamination-sensitive materials that also meets cGMP, 3-A, USDA and FDA standards.
As the point guard goes to the screener (5), who straddles the three-point-line at the top-of-the-key, the ball-side wing (2) cuts to the low block (Diag.
Early innovations that significantly increased screening capacity and efficiency included a "Kascade" screener with a 360[degrees] peripheral discharge, and an Auxiliary Discharge Classifier that combined conventional screening with peripheral discharge and an inclined conveying deck.
These practices include screening candidates before they are hired through the assessment centers, hiring baggage handlers in order to utilize baggage screeners more efficiently, and, during the initial hiring, selecting screener supervisors from within their screener workforce rather than relying on the decisions of TSA's hiring contractors.
Les Marzke, a lead TSA screener at Orlando International Airport, notes that airline officials often walk over to checkpoints to demand that TSA open new screening lanes, and TSA managers comply--even when they lack adequate staffing for each lane.