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a short forward pass in which the receiver is protected by a screen of blockers

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Perkins took in a screen pass from Connor Lemieux along the sideline for a 50-yard score.
Whatever the defensive strategy, our Screen Pass Series can be successful against it.
The QB will gain depth beyond his normal drop, wait for the defenders to get close enough, then throw a screen pass to the TB, who will give a "Go
In one of the pivotal plays in last year's Rose Bowl, Reggie Bush took a screen pass in USC territory, broke into the open field and got just inside the Texas 20-yard line before he inexplicably tossed the ball to his right as he was about to be tackled.
The first time he took the field on offense was Week 7 against Washington, when he blocked on a screen pass to Bush.
He rushed for a touchdown, turned a short screen pass into a long touchdown reception and returned an interception for a score.
A 44-yard Trumbo-to-Peterson screen pass led to the score.
With time winding down in the fourth quarter and Notre Dame High of Sherman Oaks' football team on its way to its 31st consecutive victory, senior quarterback Garrett Green threw a screen pass to Rodney Glass that was stopped immediately by St.
But the main thing for us was to keep poised and keep moving the chains,'' said Glass, who converted a Green screen pass into a 28-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter.
7 seconds left, highlighted by a screen pass that Devin Kelley turned into a 42-yard touchdown.
After a seven-yard screen pass, Cain took a delayed handoff and ran 13 yards up the middle for a 7-0 lead after 25 seconds.
Running back Chris Perry, who had just 85 rushing yards in the game but also played catch with Navarre 11 times for 122 yards, caught a screen pass in the open and ran 10 yards for the first score 36 seconds into the period.
Green connected with Bradon Clayton on a 64-yard screen pass to tie the game.
A 33-yard completion from Charls to Brown put the ball in Bell territory, and two plays later, Charls found Ricardo Salcedo over the middle on a screen pass.
It did not punt, and a screen pass produced no yards.