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a long monotonous harangue

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a long piece of writing

an accurately levelled strip of material placed on a wall or floor as guide for the even application of plaster or concrete

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The construction industry is often thought of as slow to respond to changes, however the development of self levelling floor screed quickly gained acceptance for its speed of laying, fast drying, ease of labour and, that holy grail of building - a level surface.
As the different formulations of the screed could be made by merely altering the concentration of the liquid screed additive, FlexiDry helped the contractors accommodate unexpected plan changes without causing huge amounts of wastage.
Domino's consulted with 3M and its approved installer, Bournemouth-based Euro Resin Solutions, who recommended a solution based on 3M's Scotchkote Quartz Screed System.
It is thought the work, to repair the flooring, underfloor heating system and screed, will take six months.
For the multi-storey car-park facilities, the entire area was first installed with a semi-dry cementitious screed known as K-Screed.
The new 1448 Plus and 1648 Plus Asphalt Pavers feature fully-extendable screed extensions that allow the machines adapt to different job applications, such as driveways, recreational courts, bike paths and parking lots.
To compare captured terrorists from the Middle East to Cuban citizens is typical liberal screed, relying on the idea that hatred for President Bush is sufficient to hide the real facts.
Peter Bagge's anti-Amtrak screed ("Amtrak Sucks," December) has elements of truth to it, but in his zeal to kill the train system, he misses the point.
George Bawa and brothers Jose and Steve Fernandez have developed Pro- Screed which aids ground preparation prior to any groundwork such as block paving.
Screed works: - 6479 m2 primer coat and bitumen base;- 6479 m2 bitumen vapor barrier membrane, G 200 S4 + AL, under screed;- 5779 m connection, sealing against rising components;- 1 295 St allowance connector seal inside and outside corners; - 6479 m2 release liner, PE sheet, 2 x 0.
com)-- With quick drying time accompanying quality and cost efficiency, FlexiDry F0 fast drying floor screed won hands down as the screed choice for the new London Blackfriars station.
In a letter to Rhondda AM Leighton Andrews, she said that problems had been "encountered" with the floor screed at Ysbyty Cwm Rhondda.
IT'S HARD to imagine even the most dedicated Bush-basher being excited about the prospect of yet another polemical screed against the president and his cronies.
These blind spots make Miller's screed as easy to dismiss as Sorkin's potshots.
Contract notice: Freizeitbad offenburg, screed waterproofing and tiling.