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having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge

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Here is the winning entry: We're going to the orchestra We're not getting our head in a tuba It's so dark and gloomy in the hall We're scared of the dark (tremble) Uh oh violins all stacked Big screechy violins We can't smash them we can't go under them The only choice is play them Screeeech We're going to the orchestra We're not getting our head in a tuba It's so dark and gloomy in the hall We're scared of the dark Doh Big banging drums all surrounding us But we get the best view Trip bang trip bang Michael Rosen said: "For poetry to work there has to be an element of surprise, some sense of newness.
It's not this hands-in-the-air, screechy electronic noise which is being played by most of these DJ's now a days.
The parents come down for the recitals and they walk in thinking they're going to hear a screechy session, but it's quite the opposite," he said.
The screechy fiddle calls the dancers in, Joy is not only for the favored few Out in the bigger world; begin, begin You dying puppets; this night is for you.
Somewhere along the way, little Fergus or Frannie get left behind at a gas station or rest stop, and the family blithely motors on for an hour or so before they notice the absence of a single screechy voice and come up one noggin short in a hurried head count.
As a script and film editor, Alma was the strong woman behind the powerful man and made clever choices that would shape the film, including insisting on the screechy soundtrack in the iconic shower scene.
They offer such a dumb spectacle, and are always rife with falsity and bravado and faux-sexiness and screechy histrionics.
I could smell the burny, screechy tyres of the van that hit him and I could see it was all bashed at the front.
All winter, I watched Screechy fly in and out of the owl house.
With its screechy violins and vaguely ominous undertones, Lavista's dissonant composition combined with dimly lit stage and vaguely post-apocalyptic costuming to create an otherworldly feel -- like glimpsing the minutiae of a world where crustaceans have inherited the earth.
The screechy, scratchy sound dials up the pain of my pounding headache to almost unbearable.
A hen bluewing makes screechy quacks, a bit more like a mallard hen.
If you've ever been in a fledgling group, Killing Bono will rekindle memories galore about out-of-tune, screechy rehearsals and how relationships are everything.
Salt-rusted trucks and screechy, rattling cars filed into the parking lot at Mohawk for the 5 AM shift.
Public transport (including screechy trams) running practically 24 hours a day for festivals?