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The only screecher who ever won a prize was a lady named Ethel Merman.
Albert Square's favourite screecher has been offered a deal worth pounds 250,000 with the same record label as legendary crooner Tom Jones, the diary can reveal.
Typical backend results at Doncaster and none more so than when 33-1 Robin John (Tommy Fairhurst/Chris Dwyer) gets the better of Screecher (Clive Brittain/Peter Madden) in the seller.
Even when he moves beyond the soda fountain sound - such as on the Little Richard-esque screecher "(Your Love is Like a) Ramblin' Rose" and the soulful "I Want Your Affection Not the House of Correction" - he still seems transposed in time, singing from a place where rock 'n' roll was fresh and new.
The lights went out on another screecher when Portugal's infamous Michelle Larcher De Brito was silenced in straight sets by Italy's Francesca Schiavone.
3 This stage school screecher is a complete all rounder.
Reluctantly, however, I once reviewed the denim-skirted screecher when she did a big open-air gig at Gateshead stadium some years ago.
By taking on the role of Dougal, the Staying Alive screecher could progress to much fiercer parts.