screech owl

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any owl that has a screeching cry

small North American owl having hornlike tufts of feathers whose call sounds like a quavering whistle

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The global population size of the Cloudforest Screech Owl could exceed 10,000 mature individuals, given its fairly high abundance on Cordillera Vilcabamba (Weske and Terborgh 198 l) and an estimated extent of occurrence of nearly 13,000 [km.
Keating and his wife, Wendy, have red tail hawks, a Harris' hawk, snowy, European barn and screech owls and peregrine falcons, among other birds.
Competition with other cavity nesting species, such as the Campo Flicker, could cause Tropical Screech-Owls to select nest cavities that are not used by primary excavators, thus explaining why Tropical Screech Owls nested in cavities closer to the ground and with entrances oriented towards the northeast.
We find hundreds of baby purple martins and bluebirds in our prepared habitats and sometimes a few surprises, like a nesting screech owl or great crested flycatcher.
The court heard how officers also made note of a Western Screech Owl on sale for PS300.
know how to keep the orphaned screech owl before release
Gold: Beeston - On the huh (Norfolk); Silver: Marble - Dobber (Greater Manchester); Bronze: Castle Rock - Screech Owl (Nottingham) SPECIALITY BEERS.
Chief offender on the ladies' side is retail entrepreneur Luisa Zissman who described herself as having "the body of Jessica Rabbit and the brain of Einstein" - unfortunately though, she also has the voice of a Screech owl and practically renders the whole programme unwatchable whenever she attempts talking in whole sentences.
The Screech Owl Centre near Newquay in Cornwall has a special area for hand-reared owls where, under supervision from a staff member, visitors can meet and touch owls from its collection.
SCREECH OWL Feathery tan and grey plush mimic the soft, silent feathers of the SCREECH OWL puppet so realistically that they almost camouflage this woodland creature.
When I finally saw a screech owl in the box, I froze.
Featured wildlife included raccoon, southern flying squirrel, Virginia opossum, striped skunk, bobcat, gray fox, beaver, coyote, white-tailed deer, great horned owl, barred owls, eastern screech owl, American woodcock, killdeer, and great blue herons, as well as bullfrog, spring peeper, and gray treefrog.
The other question was that one about the screech owl having the misleading name, and I thought it was kind of confusing.
Hockey means everything and it means way too much at the same time," Roy MacGregor, one of Canada s most respected hockey writers and author of several defining books on the sport, along with 24 installments of the Screech Owl series, told Reuters.