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Synonyms for screamer

someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice

a sensational newspaper headline

gooselike aquatic bird of South America having a harsh trumpeting call

a very hard hit ball


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Dorman scored his fair share of screamers for St Mirren - but it is a simple tap-in that stands out for him.
22 ( ANI ): The new Anushka Sharma starrer, 'Pari's teaser, or screamer as it is being called, has hit the nail on its head, yet again.
boss Gary Naysmith was so his team's performance he needed a couple of days MIRREN 2 OF STH 0 Herron kids will be out the door BUDDIE GOOD START Liam Smith runs off in delight after his screamer gave St Mirren the lead against Queens and, inset, Harry Davis scores from the spot
The Committee has resolved to reschedule the meeting and send another invitation to Telkom, Huawei and Screamer Telecoms.
Trailing 3-2 in the 90th minute, Gerrard lashed home a sensational 30-yard screamer for his second goal and the Reds beat heartbroken Hammers in a penalty shoot-out
I was there the day he scored the first goal of David Moyes's reign as Everton manager - definitely a screamer.
Should he teach Screamer about the widow and her two mites?
Joel Williams' 20-yard screamer made it 4-3, then he ran down the wing to cross for Joe Doddy to head a fine goal to make it 4-4.
A Screamer not only spreads the word about past atrocities, but warns of the unspeakable horrors that will inevitably be visited on another group of people, and the amorality on the part of those who have the power to prevent them, but don't.
A screamer is somebody whose defenses and whose alibis somehow melt away, and they actually process what a genocide is without defense, without guile,'' Samantha Power, a professor at Harvard's John F.
Exceptions have been Honda's four-cylinder S2000, which is a screamer, and the six-cylinder NSX.
Course winner The Screamer, Old Pike Girl, successful on her chasing debut at Limerick, and Tobeornotobe, who scored at Tramore on New Year's Day, have also won over fences.
Neil Cartwright then fired in a superb 25-yard screamer in the closing stages to seal a memorable win for the hosts.
Why was it, groused the Green Mountain Screamer, that whenever the president has a bum week (or John Kerry has a good one), he jacks the rainbow up a hue?
Former Cheltenham Town midfielder Lee Howells unleashed a 25-yard screamer to pilot Merthyr to a 1-0 win at Tiverton last night.