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a writer whose handwriting is careless and hard to read


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Award-winning scrawler Mohammed Ali led a bus load of 35 guests from as far away as Israel and Chile, through the streets of Sparkhill and Small Heath to discuss his designs.
The page, described as a work of art by primary school crayon scrawler (sorry, Turner Prize-winner) Gillian Wearing, drew angry responses from its readers and raised questions about the paper's motives and morality.
She denied being the phantom scrawler but a handwriting expert said it was "highly probable" she was responsible for the spate of vandalism in Caldicot, south Wales, where she lived.
The thrumming of the car tyres on the lacerated roads; the scorched curb fringes and median strip all blackened and grubby; piles of bricks, rubble and sundry detritus as though visiting a giant dump; and seemingly every faiade and shop-front full of the sniggering sign-writer snot of graffiti scrawlers.
Two months into his first term, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich made news with a novel suggestion for curbing graffiti: Arrest the urban scrawlers before their spray paint can emits its first hiss.
s, from a friendly waitstaff to the scrawlers of anti-Yankee (N.
He is taking inspiration from other great scrawlers like John Millington Synge, who was persuaded to live on Aran by poet WB Yeats.
My critics curse on," Jimmy has already told us in Act 1, much as Osborne subsequently wrote in a June column in the London weekly The Spectator of his contempt for Britain's "crocodile scrawlers.
Left unpainted as a deterrent to graffiti scrawlers, they stand out from the gaily colored light-rail transit vehicles destined for Argentina, Singapore and other countries.