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(computer science) a high-speed internal memory used for temporary storage of preliminary information

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After several minutes, she still hasn't discovered the Scratchpad feature.
We found the stock with the best scratchpad feel to it: It's not glossy, not resume paper.
The Scratchpad feature claims to save travellers time during research, and saves money by sending customised emails to them when prices change, allowing them to make smart, informed travel decisions.
The sensor reads the temperature, stores the information about the value read into its scratchpad memory, the microcontroller takes over this information, processes it and displays on the LCD display.
The arrival controller did not change the scratchpad entry on the scope, nor did he verbally coordinate the request to split-the-duals to the final controller.
The signal integrity design and analysis tool provides a 'what-if' scratchpad, allowing designers to create SI related scenarios that can be simulated to test their design strategies.
It's kind of like a scratchpad, something that I can just use as an experiment.
Cluster standard scores for the three components of the WM architecture (central executive, visuospatial scratchpad, phonological loop) were calculated as directed in the WMTB-C manual (Gathercole & Pickering, 2000).
Social networking functionality allows customers to create lists of favorite landmarks and locations, attach personal photos and save them to a Scratchpad.
These characteristics make it the only viable current option for the fast read and write requirements of certain handset design elements such as buffers, stacks and scratchpad memory.
This offers a replacement to the spreadsheet as a scratchpad to estimate jobs.
A problem description editor allows students to enter the problem description in their own words and provides access to basic editing functions and a graphics scratchpad notebook, to which the student can iteratively return.
The trouble is, the paper is an engineering scratchpad, not a real number from a real rifle over a real chronograph.
We have built SLIMPad, the Superimposed Layer Information Manager scratchPad, which allows problem solvers to easily select, annotate, and elaborate information from diverse information sources.
I've done this kind of thing many times over, so the design-time investment was about three minutes on a scratchpad.