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The student artist may want to practice several textures on scratch paper before committing to one.
Adi started to jot down some calculations, but was reprimanded by the proctor - no scratch paper allowed.
Typewriters, overheads, scratch paper, date books, file cabinets, fountain pens, and mimeographs - - fifty years ago office products such as these were essential to administrative staff.
In order to avoid this possible outcome, we spent a few minutes making light lines on scratch paper.
The Jot-It desktop accessory from Cocoa provides a stylish and cleaner way to record and organize temporary information that has previously been consigned to sticky notes and scratch paper.
We looked at people in action in a Sports Illustrated magazine and sketched the line of motion we observed (the direction the action flows) on scratch paper.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- The days of scribbled notes and diagrams on scratch paper and bracket table covers to explain the latest techniques in dental implants or root canals may be gone
Encourage the use of scratch paper to practice on if students are not ready to draw immediately on the silhouette.
Toss crumpled sheets of scratch paper across the room and get your pet to play a game of fetch.
A good deal of scratch paper is used as the students begin generating their ideas.
Once they've doodled, encourage kids to use sketch pads or scratch paper to draw various appliances or other objects in the kitchen, such as utensils, fruit or interestingly shaped platters and pans.