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a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game

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Patients with CSD usually have gradual regional lymph node enlargement, accompanied by a papule, which develops in the scratch line after 3-10 days; the papule may persist for only a few days or as long as 2-3 weeks (9).
It should be noted that in this study, the subtended angle ([theta]) is the angle measured by drawing two lines from the two contact points, first point is at the center of the main scratch line and second point is at the spherical bump beside the main scratch line, to the center of the scratch tip.
At more than 784 pages, Johnson, who is the son of Maya Angelou and author of Standing at the Scratch Line, has written a bloody epic that requires some effort.
Electronic signals from each scratch line were integrated and recorded.
Brown's self-published The Shirt Off His Back, a paperback reprint of Guy Johnson's hardcover triumph Standing at the Scratch Line, and Nichelle Thomas' The Dying Ground.
The electron signal for each scratch line is then integrated and recorded.
One book Barron edited, Standing at the Scratch Line by Guy Johnson, seems to have found its intended audience, with sales of nearly 30,000 copies.
A total of 250 views are taken perpendicular to each individual scratch line at predetermined intervals.
Start with a 60 grit and sand along the length of the flat part until all the scratch lines from the draw file are removed.
In keeping with its title, the painting features a man whose face is obscured by scratch lines.
Jun de Dios of Habagat was the Bowler of the Week after shooting the high series of 672 on scratch lines of 152, 184 and 276.
The arenas also featured visible scratch lines, drawn into the ground to indicate where the birds start off when pitted against each other.
Carefully stick one of the teeth anywhere on the outside of the circle (hint: use the pencil to scratch lines on the touching surfaces- it helps make them stick).
After it is somewhat set up, scratch lines in the stucco diagonally every six inches or so to allow the next coat to stick better.
scratch lines come to life, then life is not just some outside thing that happens to us.