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Synonyms for scrappiness

the quality or state of being argumentative

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the trait of being scrappy and pugnacious

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But scrappiness is one thing, incompetence another.
No matter the trajectory we're on, we can't forget the great culture and the special mix of both scrappiness and doggedness that got us here.
Be Audacious features stories of grit and scrappiness that are required for overcoming adversity; the vulnerability needed at the heart of authentic leadership; purposeful, sustainable passion as keys that unlock potential; and the planning needed for big dreams.
The scrappiness of the match continued and the Qatari scored again to get back to within one goal at 3-2.
The second period fizzled into scrappiness, not helped by a soggy surface which was improved by the final session.
But I also miss, a little bit, that kind of scrappiness.
It was a goal worthy of winning any FA Cup tie, but curiously incongruous in this one given the scrappiness of what had preceded it.
A little scrappiness on the entry to the second stanza aside, it was an accomplished performance.
No one has been immune from the scrappiness on display.
Phillips shows that when speaking about the team, both the fans and the media most often spoke about qualities like teamwork, work ethic, hustle, scrappiness, and grit, qualities which are commonly associated with white athletes.
That scrappiness and willingness to go head to head with anyone in authority that he perceived as a threat or disagreeing with his frequent and sometimes eccentric edicts is one of the threads that tie The One together.
The former are films about future technologies, whilst the latter incorporate future technologies into themselves, insofar as both films famously affect the styles of computer simulated choreographies in their most famous fight scenes, albeit in different ways: The Matrix employs the sharpness and precision of arcade game fights, whilst Old Boy incorporates the two- dimensional plane of older forms of computer game, but it counterbalances this with the inclusion of all of the scrappiness, imprecision, stumbling, gasping, moaning and, indeed, messy brawling, that almost all action films exclude or repress (as exemplified by the ultra-precise choreography of The Matrix or The Bourne trilogy).
Interestingly, both albums contain "scraps," yet again Havens reads them as commonplace books, rehabilitating them for his own study, but again connecting scrappiness and unruliness.
The scrappiness of the game reached almost farcical levels as foul after foul after foul, mostly involving either or both Saikom and Lacy, being called at both ends.