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in a bellicose contentious manner


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Gilbert's casual craftsmanship--threads dangle from the plastic's seams, and the boats' wooden oars are scrappily handmade--adds to the insouciant air.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- We gather here today to celebrate the union of two design gurus in their forward-thinking matrimony to live scrappily ever after.
Hinckley broke the deadlock after 24 minutes of scrappily even play, prop David Peck pouncing after Kenilworth lost a scrum against the head and Joe Glover adding the conversion.
The second half began scrappily but Kyle put the home side ahead with the simplest of goals.
The meeting ended scrappily when Lindgren fell in third place behind Adams and Batchelor and that handed Swindon a maximum 5-1 to give the scoreline a more flattering appearance.
It was a funny match and I started very scrappily yesterday but Mark played great tonight.
Where will the methods of critical scholarship with which they approach literature from the age of science's decisive ascendancy leave them when, having arrived as the first twenty-first-century humanists, they take up the frayed thread of our scrappily ongoing two-cultures conversation?
Nevertheless, Murray does not glibly assume the reality of lasting values: he argues for them, scrappily, provocatively, with energy and conviction.
Now the three-hour (without commercials) project about rebellious Warsaw Jews who fought scrappily against their Nazi oppressors gets an unusual turn at the big screen, with a one-week run beginning tonight at Laemmle's Fairfax Three Theater, 7907 Beverly Blvd.
Birtley coach Graeme Rutherford said: "The first round started quite scrappily with both fighters neglecting their boxing and just trying to out-strength each other.
tick Fail to turn up, start scrappily, get torn apart by an organised and motivated team we make look like world-beaters, descend into jittery, clunky chaos at the back and gift stupid goals with schoolboy defending.
Until Lallana's winner the game had been heading for extratime after Adam Barton had scrappily equalised for Preston in the 52nd minute to cancel out a Jos Hooiveld headed opener in the first half.
After getting a little warm in the preliminaries the 1-10 favourite jumped scrappily at one or two on the back straight.
The second period started scrappily, Flournoy dragging his team off court for a time-out after a scoreless opening but the break did little to improve either side's wasteful finishing.