scrape along

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The car is at a crazy angle and just about to scrape along Simon's roof
At times I never thought I would get another job and I even had to sell my car to scrape along in day-to-day life.
This strike is about the mass of cleaners and care workers, telephonists and customer service officers and a multitude of others who barely scrape along in life, are marginally above minimum wage, many of whom are so ill recompensed for their vital public role that they have to claim state benefits to survive in a world plagued by the fear of debt, wage cuts and redundancy.
WHETHER the UK economy wakes today in a triple-dip recession or manages to scrape along with a fraction of positive growth, it will make little difference to people who face life on benefits.
The scooter rider was uninjured, fortunately, and the car had a scrape along the front wing.