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an album into which clippings or notes or pictures can be pasted

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Scrapbook Crafter also gives users flexible tools for enhancing photos and offers a variety of decorative options.
The resulting 4" x 5" negatives were then scanned to create high-resolution facsimiles of each scrapbook page.
The scrapbook form, Garvey demonstrates in the introduction, emerged out of the commonplace book, but what distinguishes scrapbooks is their inextricability from the newspaper and print revolution of the early nineteenth century and its proliferation of cheap, disposable printed material.
Writing With Scissors, American Scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance.
The typical study examines how a particular author, usually a woman, composes a scrapbook to shape and express her identity.
Gazing upon the visuals in one's scrapbook conjures the emotions, memories, and thoughts of the events and places depicted there.
By creating scrapbook albums, one can ensure that those stories and the details of the subject in the photographs are passed on to future generations, said the artist.
In "Scrapbooks: An American History", academician and design expert Jessica Helfand as written and compiled a fascinating and seminal history of the scrapbook as a cultural phenomena from the late 19th and early 20th centuries down to the present day.
MEMORIES of messing about on Birmingham's canalways are needed for a giant virtual scrapbook.
The end result is a beautiful scrapbook that can be handed down through future generations, in effect, a family heirloom.
SCRAPBOOK PRAISED: Ten-year-old Middlesbrough schoolboy David Farthing got a pat on the back from police inspector Ron Ainsley in December 1972 for keeping a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings about drink driving.
com), a division of Curvy Line Creative, offers CDs with premade digital templates for digital scrapbook users.
Scrapbook stores have opened around the country, Target and Wal-Mart carry scrapbook merchandise, and EK Success, a New Jersey company, says it has a Martha Stewart line of scrapbook products in the works.
Author and scrapbook designer Cory Richardson-Lauve believes scrapbookers can find a divine connection with paper, scissors, and acid-free adhesives.
We found friends who scrapbook and started picking their brains about what was hot," said Inoue of the mostly women scrapbookers.