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Synonyms for scrambler

a rapid mover

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a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension

electronic equipment that makes speech unintelligible during transmission and restores it at reception

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Scramblers go where they wish -through shrubs, over walls, up trees, under the fence into next door's plot.
Last week, a 29-year-old man was arrested after crashing a scrambler bike on Grayling Drive, Croxteth.
The Garden Gate Scrambler features all-natural chicken apple sausage, fresh spinach, mushrooms, peppers, cheddar cheese and eggs scrambled to order over an open flame.
We want parents to be aware that if you want to buy a scrambler bike for your teenager,he or she must have the relevant documents and licences.
Merseyside Police launched its annual summer operation on June 1 to crack down on the use of scrambler and quad bikes and offroad vehicles plaguing Merseyside communities.
Ducati Motorcycles, an Italy-based motorcycle manufacturer, is launching its Scrambler in India.
But officers from the Stechford road policing unit said the increased use of mini motos and scrambler bikes was a growing concern for the public.
Transcrypt Subsidiary Introduces KW20 Scrambler for Kenwood Radios
There's no signal scrambler and no little rating code in the corner to clue you in about the content.
announced today the release of its latest generation of instruments for measuring polarization-dependent loss (PDL): IQ-5100B Polarization Scrambler and IQ-3400B PDL Meter.
THE total number of arrests made under a campaign to rid communities of illegal scrambler bikes has risen to 16.
Auto Business News-December 16, 2014--Mahindra launches jcMoto and Centuro Scrambler concept motorcycles at 2014 Autocar Performance Show
Antelope Valley's key cog is quarterback Justin Mobley, a dangerous scrambler who has passed for 637 yards and four touchdowns, and run for 272 yards and six touchdowns.
For 6- to 11-year-old fun seekers, the new Scrambler 50 is an exact replica of its full-sized Scrambler counterpart.
MERSEYSIDE Police made their first arrest hours after launching a campaign to rid communities of illegal scrambler bikes.