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marine fishes having a tapering body with an armored head and venomous spines

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4-6) The scorpaenids are usually classified according to the morphology of their spines and associated venom glands as lionfish, scorpionfish, and stonefish (Table 1).
Although there is an antivenin available for another member of the scorpionfish category, the stonefish, it does not work for lionfish.
Despite being extremely painful, most effects of a scorpionfish "sting" are treatable by soaking the affected area in hot water.
These include the stone fish (Synanceia verrucosa and other species of Synanceiids), the scorpionfish (various species of the genera Dendrochirus and Scorpaena, as well as other Scorpaenids) and frogfish (Antennariid family), all of which rely on their ability to blend all but perfectly into the reef background to conceal themselves from their enemies and prey.
They are underwater marvels of fluorescent colors, fantastic shapes, and improbable creatures such as delicate purple sea fans, blood-red sponges, blue-spotted groupers, spiny pufferfish, snorkel-nosed moray, poisonous scorpionfish, giant clams and manta rays, and yellow-lip snakes.
I reach down to grab an interesting sherd and almost plant my hand on a local relative of the highly poisonous, well-disguised scorpionfish, whose projecting dorsal spines can quickly send a diver into shock, followed by unconsciousness and drowning.
Guide to the identification of scorpionfish larvae (family Scorpaenidae) in the eastern Pacific with comparative notes on species of Sebastes and Helicolenus from other oceans.
Variation in habitat and color of the Hawaiian scorpionfish Sebastapistes coniorta.
Important exceptions exist for lingcod and California scorpionfish.
The most abundant taxa, especially on reef habitat, were the chain dogfish (Scyliorhinus retifer), a scorpionfish (Scorpaena sp.
In fact, the scorpionfish family, to which the lionfish belongs, ranks second only to stingrays in total number of "envenomations," poisoning between 40,000 and 50,000 people annually.
In the list it is evident the absence of barracuda, silver corvina and the guitarfish on the modified net; whereas crabs, snails and shells, scorpionfish and devil ray don't appear when using the conventional net.
Closing statement: California's recreational and most commercial fisheries for nearshore rockfish, shelf rockfish, California scorpionfish or sculpin, and lingcod will close in all ocean waters Nov.