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a system of classifying according to quality or merit or amount

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Also, keep in mind that the P&Y Club, which was born in 1961, did not create the scoring system.
He added it was not fair that Kelly had ignored the scoring system put in place by the independent group.
Standardization of a universal scoring system that assesses PCNL complexity and predicts PCNL outcomes will not only aid urologists in preoperative patient counselling, but it will also help in comparing PCNL outcomes among different surgeons and institutions.
The scoring system took into account factors that could be easily obtained from medical records, such as years of education, history of stroke or diabetes, and smoking, Khaleej Times reported.
In the old scoring system, a clear punch fetched you a point, while in the new one the points are given on ring craft, besides on the basis of number of punches landed.
The NuVal Nutritional Scoring System was developed as a direct response to America's rapidly rising rates of obesity and diabetes in both the adult and child populations.
The new scoring system would need to be implemented across the board before May 2015 if it is to be used at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The first scoring system, called CHA2DS2-VASc, developed by Professor Gregory Lip and Dr Deirdre Lane, enables clinicians to assess how likely patients with atrial fibrillation are to suffer a stroke.
An application model is a scoring system that takes into account information you put on an application.
The decision support given by NSSs within the prenegotiation phase focuses mainly on the negotiators' preference elicitation and building the scoring system for offers evaluation.
Davies was boxing under a trial scoring system where just two judges - opposed to the normal three - must register a point on the scoring system for shots to score.
One important characteristic of a scoring system is its efficiency.
Italy-based Fiat SpA (Fiat) (NYSE: FIA) (ISE: IT0001976403) and its subsidiary Alfa Romeo are launching a dealers scoring system, a method of finding the best dealerships for customer service, on Fiat's United Kingdom website from 2010.
The company said the new offering, dubbed the FICO Score Trends Service, will help users of its scores in their migration to the FICO 8 credit scoring system, will offer specific scores designed to measure risk for specifically credit card loans, mortgage loans and auto loans and will enable credit unions to compare their loan performance data against other lenders in their metropolitan statistical areas.