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a system of classifying according to quality or merit or amount

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A task force of members from the special events and cultural amenities commission is set to draft a scoring system to evaluate applications for next year, said Dawn Portner, special events coordinator.
While some firms were allowed to develop credit scoring systems in 2015, state support for such plans has not been forthcoming because of fears of data breaches.
I encourage anyone who is dealing with a high volume of sales leads to look at an automated lead scoring system so you can reduce your time to market and improve the likelihood of converting your leads to sales," he says.
Keywords: Acute appendicitis, Appendectomy, Modified Alvarado Scoring System (MASS).
Clinical judgement scores were correlated to all three renal tumour scoring system scores (coefficients 0.
However, he added that at present there is no validated scoring system for nail psoriasis.
Also, keep in mind that the P&Y Club, which was born in 1961, did not create the scoring system.
He added it was not fair that Kelly had ignored the scoring system put in place by the independent group.
The scoring system took into account factors that could be easily obtained from medical records, such as years of education, history of stroke or diabetes, and smoking, Khaleej Times reported.
THE outdated scoring system at the National Games in Thrissur, Kerala, left boxers confused as they found it difficult to compete according to it without headgear.
London, June 21 ( ANI ): Badminton governing bodies are planning a new scoring system for the sport, which they would trial from August with a view to using it at the 2016 Olympics.
The instructions will positively affect borrowers' credit conduct as banks' clients become familiar with the credit scoring system and get stimulated to maintain good scores.
The changes recommended in the ISUP 2005 modified Gleason scoring system were intended to decrease the tendency toward undergrading observed in biopsies, when compared with radical prostatectomy specimens, and when the ISUP 2005 modified Gleason scoring system is used, some cancers receive higher scores than they would with the classic system.
The monograph also provided clinicians with an elaborate scoring system and normative data on the maturation of visual-motor-gestalt functioning in children from 3 to 11 years of age, as well as descriptions of the performance of individuals with organic and functional pathological conditions.