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a large board for displaying the score of a contest (and some other information)

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This Electrical Testing Laboratories (etl) Listed Scoreboard Includes The
8220;I like my slots, and I only play at Jackpot Capital, so I do pretty well with Scoreboard bonuses most months,” said Linda M.
THE iconic yellow scoreboards overlooking the 18th green of the Open have become one of the main symbols of the global sporting event - and they are the responsibility of a Liverpool company.
In addition excavation and installation of steel support posts is planned to hold the scoreboard and a steel roller shutter will make the scoreboard vandal proof.
With SCOREboard, students can get a clear picture of precisely where they stand well in advance of their exam, giving them the academic edge they need to perform well on the exam and ultimately in college.
Your scoreboard is an iframe with a unique URL reflecting all of the races you selected.
The scoreboard, branded Nichia, has an LED size of 15m x 5m at 20 pixels and is able to transfer the game live on its high resolution and is capable of displaying the results and temperature information.
AHS softball and baseball team captains said they were pleased to finally have a scoreboard.
Betting strategies include home favorite (HF), neutral favorite (NF), away favorite (AF), home underdog (HU), neutral underdog (NU), and away underdog (AU) depending on whether they are ahead or behind on the scoreboard.
While on the 2008 scoreboard Estonia was still below the EU average with its innovation indicators, according to this year's scoreboard Estonia has surpassed the average.
This scoreboard enables the viewers to see all the things, including the overs that have been bowled, wickets taken, runs made.
WARWICKSHIRE'S main scoreboard last night pledged to silence its critics and "show what I am made of" during the Ashes Test at Edgbaston in two weeks' time.
Half of a $4 million signing bonus from IMG to the Ducks helped pay for the scoreboard, which cost "$2 million and change," according to UO senior associate athletic director Joe Giansante.
The Angels are making it easier than ever for fans to post messages on the scoreboard during games.
Many customers are finding that the advantages of installing an LED matrix display outweigh the advantages of a numeric scoreboard, "says Angela Hatton, spokesperson at Daktronics.