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Two children were burnt to death while two others were scorched before the blaze could be brought under control.
The body and scorched youth were shifted to Civil Hospital Shikarpur where the wounded youngster was referred to Sukkur due to his critical condition.
In this last novel of the Scorched trilogy, Trinity, Connor, and their supporters rescue Emmy and Scarlet from the secret government lab in the Mojave Desert, after which Emmy flies away and disappears.
THESE pictures show the aftermath of a lighting strike that scorched the course at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake.
SCORCHED EGGS provides a fun Cackleberry Club mystery that includes egg recipes and breakfast dishes, and serves up more than a hint of intrigue in the process.
SCORCHED LEMON AND APRICOT SOURS Prepare a rocks glass with cubed ice.
Scorched Earth: Legacies of the Chemical Warfare in Vietnam
Second, is there any way, short of cutting and splicing, that a fire scorched gun stock can be rescued?
RULE number one for saving a burnt or scorched pan is to never attempt to scrub the pot or pan if it has been freshly scorched as you will most likely only make matters worse.
1 : to burn on the surface <The fire scorched the bottom of the pan.
The sky over the land at Grindon Farm, near Haydon Bridge, was turned pink in the aftermath of a wildfire that left 10,000sqm of land scorched.
The Frazer Black-trained son of Teds Jo and Droopys Kate hadn't run since August, but this lightly raced speedster scorched around to beat Brief Silence by seven lengths in 18.
2] wrapped Earth in a blanket of warmth causing rapid melting; 3) scorched air sucked up moisture and hyper-hurricanes spread sheets of acid rain on glacial rock dust and swept it into the oceans; 4) saturated oceans deposited cap carbonates all around our planet.
Goren-Inbar's team unearthed more than a dozen clusters of scorched flint artifacts at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov.
THE dramatic moment the scorched clothes of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were found was relived yesterday.