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a shelter or screen providing protection from enemy fire or from the weather

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a small fort or earthwork defending a ford, pass, or castle gate

a candle or flaming torch secured in a sconce

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a decorative wall bracket for holding candles or other sources of light

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She carried a bare candle in her hand, which she had probably taken from one of the sconces in her own room, and was a most unearthly object by its light.
In the confluence of the multitude, several clubs crossed; blows, aimed at me, fell on other sconces.
Tope are daintily sticking sprigs of holly into the carvings and sconces of the Cathedral stalls, as if they were sticking them into the coat- button-holes of the Dean and Chapter.
The fire crackled and blazed pleasantly There was a score of candles sparkling round the mantel piece, in all sorts of quaint sconces, of gilt and bronze and porcelain.
Jeff Cooper only once, and it was at his home, "The Sconce," in November 2005.
Perhaps the most interesting fixture is the piping system wall sconce, which accepts 5 bulbs and is fixed with a decorative pressure gauge.
Glib true stories of mishaps with corpses, meetings with celebrities in mourning, and even clashes with outright criminals--such as crematorium operator David Sconce, who ordered an attack on Abbott's business partner to cover up Sconce's criminal mishandling of human remains.
Or simply hold the sconce up and adjust it up and down until you find a pleasing position.
A CUSTOM LAMP SHADE made from leftover material that you've used for bed linens or upholstery adds a personal signature to a room and makes your table lamp or a wall sconce a focal point.
A man of eclectic tastes, who prided himself as a great appreciator of things, there is one place where Cooper's disparate interests can best be seen--in his home, the Sconce.
Then Sconce, a senior programmer for the city, heard that J&M Farms on Seavey Loop Road might have ripe berries.
Both mens pairs took their opening matches and Liz Sconce and Gillian Cockett also won their opener to give North a 6-2 lead and only two of the four reverse doubles required for victory.
Dick Idol's new Pine Cone Glow sconce from Pacific Coast Lighting
com SUPERORDINATE ANTLER WALL SCONCE This ceramic antler wall sconce, complete with special custom lightbulbs, is cruelty-free.
BRING a hint of French style to your home or garden with a hand-forged, wall-mounted candle-holder - called a sconce - made from an old roof tile.