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Preventive measures: Boats need to chill fish rapidly (under 41 degrees Fahrenheit) after catching scombroid fish.
The symptoms of these illnesses are gastrointestinal in nature, including vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, symptoms that are similar to those seen in scombroid fish poisoning (Table 1).
In the marine fishery, a related health problem is the frequent breakout of illness associated with scombroid fish.
Scombroid fish poisoning results from the consumption of spoiling scombroid or other marine fish, that contain hazardous levels of toxigenic biogenic amines, which may form on exposure of fish to abuse temperature [25].
Although no cases of scombroid poisoning have been reported in Kenya, the presence of scombroid fish in the fishery cannot rule out the occurrence of incidents of scombroid poisoning among marine fish consumers.
On the basis of clinical symptoms and seafood exposure, scombroid fish poisoning was suspected, and the remaining tuna steaks were immediately removed from the cafeteria line.
Editorial Note: Scombroid fish poisoning occurs after eating fish with high levels of accumulated histamine or other biogenic amines.
The most effective prevention for scombroid fish poisoning is proper refrigeration of fish at [less than or equal to] 40[degrees]F ([less than or equal to] 4.
However, of approximately 8,500 firms importing seafood into the United States during 2002 and 2003, only 5%-7% were inspected by regulators, and FDA reports that firms handling fish that can cause scombroid fish poisoning have particularly low rates of compliance with HACCP regulations (9).
Another problem of the tropical areas is scombroid fish poisoning, which is caused by formation of the toxic substance(s) during mishandling of the fish prior to processing and not by a naturally occurring toxin as in ciguatera poisoning.
A presumptive diagnosis of scombroid fish poisoning was made based on clinical and epidemiologic features of the illness.
Editorial Note: Scombroid fish poisoning has been associated primarily with the consumption of tuna, mahi-mahi, and bluefish.
National surveillance data on scombroid fish poisoning is based on outbreaks of acute foodborne disease reported by state health departments to CDC [7,8].
ciguatera, scombroid fish poisoning, or paralytic shellfish poisoning), which are associated with saltwater fish (14).
Scombroid fish poisoning: underreporting and prevention among noncommercial recreational fishers.