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The application of food safety post-harvest processing procedures such as hazard analysis at critical control points (HACCP) to remedy shortcomings in seafood handling is necessary, especially where scombroid fish feature in commerce.
The symptoms of these illnesses are gastrointestinal in nature, including vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, symptoms that are similar to those seen in scombroid fish poisoning (Table 1).
In the marine fishery, a related health problem is the frequent breakout of illness associated with scombroid fish.
Scombroid fish poisoning results from the consumption of spoiling scombroid or other marine fish, that contain hazardous levels of toxigenic biogenic amines, which may form on exposure of fish to abuse temperature [25].
Later, the Terminal Island facility was closed, but in the 1970's we collaborated with the tuna industry and University of Hawaii researchers in a contract study of the problem of occasional outbreaks of scombroid fish poisoning from consumption of tuna or other scombroid species found in tropical waters.
Another problem of the tropical areas is scombroid fish poisoning, which is caused by formation of the toxic substance(s) during mishandling of the fish prior to processing and not by a naturally occurring toxin as in ciguatera poisoning.
ciguatera, scombroid fish poisoning, or paralytic shellfish poisoning), which are associated with saltwater fish (14).