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Reproduction of Scombroid fishes (Pisces: Scombroidei) in western regions of the Atlantic Ocean.
One example, called scombroid poisoning, comes from eating fish that was not washed, refrigerated, or frozen in time to prevent bacteria from growing.
Scombroid poisoning can be found wherever fresh tuna and other game fish are consumed.
The bacteria Listeria monocytogenes, which causes listeriosis, and Morganella morganii, which causes scombroid poisoning, are carried in raw or undercooked shellfish.
Scombroid poisoning occurs when bacteria (which should be killed by correct smoking) multiply in fish that's not fresh and produce high levels of a chemical called histamine.
Diseases in the so-called chemical-agents category (which is a misnomer because over half are scombroid poisonings with bacterial causes) and animal or plant toxins accounted for 17 percent of outbreaks and 1 percent of cases.
The objective of this research was to identify the Gram negative histamine producing bacteria, responsible for scombroid intoxication in three fish species: armadillo (Hipostomus watwata), bocachico (Pochilodus reticulates) and lisa (Mugil curema).
Histamine poisoning, previously called scombroid poisoning because it is often caused by fish in the scombroid family, can actually occur from any type of fish.
The amount of redirected fluid is likely to be small but--when summed over the many tail strokes executed during daily activity by scombroid fishes--it may increase thrust production significantly relative to a fish without finlets.
Scombroid poisoning comes from histamine that can form on the flesh of fresh tuna, mahi mahi, and some other fish that aren't kept cold enough (usually before they reach the store).
Kishinouye was a prominent ichthyologist and is now best remembered for his studies on scombroid fishes.
According to a report before Warwick District Council's health and control committee next week, food safety chiefs traced the symptoms to scombroid poisoning, which is caused by the ingestion of foods containing high levels of histamine and other harmful bacteria.
It is to Vicki Peal, whose father died from Vibrio vulnificus eating raw oysters in 1992; Barbara Simpson, who lost her husband to scombroid poisoning from tuna; and the many others who have had friends or family die or become ill or have been sickened themselves from tainted fish.