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Synonyms for scolder

someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault

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No longer a scolder and an accuser of Angela's vociferous and scandalous conduct as he was at the time of her ecstasy in St.
Coming soon on DVD:Buffy the Vampire Scolder,The Teleslightlychubbies,and Star Wars Episode 3:The Sith Turn The Other Cheek.
In contrast, when nearby crows were attracted to the scolds uttered at Red-tailed Hawk mounts they rallied with the scolders, joining them in diving and calling, and through this cooperative behavior they reinforced the association between hawks and danger rather than habituating to a benign member of the community.
After bleeding, birds were scalded at 59[degrees]C for 180 sec in rotary scolders, defeathered and manually eviscerated.
It's just a pathetic mid-life crisis," scoff the scolders.